Stryx Europa

Stryx Europa aims to achieve outstanding absolute returns with moderate risk by investing in European companies of highest quality with proven track records, sound financials and predictability of future earnings growth.

These businesses typically have superior business models, stable and predictable business economics, a sustainable competitive advantage and high returns on capital. They are run by a management team that exhibits integrity and whose interests are closely aligned with long-term shareholders.

Following a detailed and proprietary analysis into these stocks, we assemble a portfolio of such companies which combines these quality and growth criteria.

Fund Performance

Net of FeesFundMSCI Europe TRDifference 
Since Inception155.7%94.8%60.8%
CAGR 3Y5.1%7.0%-1.8%
CAGR 5Y9.0%9.4%-0.4%
CAGR Since Inception12.1%8.5%3.7%

Source: Seilern Investment Management, Founders share class, net of fees, 29 December 2017.  

Performance data relates to the Founders Euro share class.  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Share Classes

Share ClassNAV as at 22.01.2018ISINKIID Download
Founders Euro259.05IE00B4MB6665Stryx Europa Founders EURO KIID
Euro179.42IE00B68JD125Stryx Europa EURO KIID
Euro I 158.53IE00B43H8129Stryx Europa EURO I KIID
Euro H 117.51IE00BKM3XV86Stryx Europa EURO H KIID