Seilern Investment Management is an independent and privately-owned investment management company.  The business was founded in 1989 by Peter Seilern-Aspang.  Based in London, we provide investment management in quality-growth equities.

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Committed to Quality

For the past 26 years Seilern Investment Management has been committed to a single investment philosophy. We take a rigorous long-term approach to investing, seeking out only the highest quality companies.

Our approach is built to withstand bad times as much as to benefit from good times.  Our investment experience shows that these companies perform across market cycles and when held for the long-term may provide attractive returns with low risk.

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Seilern Investment Management provides investment management services to a suite of equity long-only funds, balanced funds and to segregated mandates.

All the funds are founded on the same investment philosophy and constructed exclusively from companies screened by our intensive research process and selected by our fund managers from our Universe of investable equities.


About Us

Quality Growth Investing for over a quarter of a century.

Based in London, the company was established by Peter Seilern-Aspang in 1989. We are an independent asset management firm founded on the principle that above-average returns can be achieved through long-term investment in high quality listed securities.

At the heart of Seilern Investment Management lies an unwavering conviction in our investment philosophy as well as a disciplined and process-driven approach to executing its strategy.

Our team follows a thorough, collaborative research process that is conducted entirely in-house.

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